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DGM News Ultra Plus Lite 3.1

Module DGM NEWS ULTRA Plus Lite 3.1 is a next stage in development of News module DGM NEWS ULTRA by Joomla! Ukraine.

Main principle of module work is use of templates. Such solution helps to change quickly appearance for different modules, for example, Site News (display of date and heading), Economy News (display of heading, date, image, and introductory text), etc.

Also work with images is improved, and it is added display of comments, sections and categories.

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New functional

The module functional

  • Caching of the module;
  • Display of a background;
  • Display of news on the Front-page;
  • Option to choose materials from archive;
  • Option to choose a template. By default, three templates (constructed on tables, containers, and list) are included in the module. To make own template it is enough to create two files (php and css, e.g., my_template.php and my_template.css) and to place them in a folder /modules/mod_dgm-news_ultra/tpl/. Further, it is necessary to choose the template from the dropdown list in the Backend.
  • Display of number of materials in the module;
  • Option to choose section/category through lists with their names or specifying ID (it is possible to enter several ID separated by comma for display of materials from several sections/categories);
  • Option to sort news by creation time, popularity, ID, in alphabet order, by default, and like in the Backend;
  • Display of news in a vertical or horizontal state;
  • Display of news heading like name or alias;
  • Option to cut off heading by letters or words;
  • Option to set time format;
  • Display of name of section/category and optionally link to them (as a blog or a category);
  • Display of author name;
  • Two ways of image processing: with the aid of GD library (versions GD1 and GD2 are supported) or change of image parameters by means of HTML;
  • Processing of images through GD library allows to apply filters: black-and-white image or sepia (in next versions number of filters will be increased);
  • Clipping image in height and width, i.e. if you have the original image size of 200x400 pixels and in the module are set 100x80 pixels, the image will be reduced and without deformation cropped based on width and height parameters;
  • Display of the link "Read more..." and the link to comments of JComment component;
  • Display of the general link to any page with the any text (the link is entered by hand). For example, "All materials in News section of a site...".


Module DGM NEWS ULTRA Lite Plus 2.0 with the subsequent modifications of 2.x version (Plus Lite version) is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.