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Повна версія: Have installed JUNewsUltra Pro but nothing happens
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I have installed the module JUNewsUltra Pro on my Joomla 3.6 site using Gantry 5 templates, but the module does not display anything. It does not even show the title of the module which is set to "on". I currently have it configured for RSS feed, but I have also tried Joomla articles and YouTube videos, and I get nothing from it. Just the fact that it will not display the module title tells me something is really wrong. I have even got an update for the module this morning that I installed, but it still did not make a difference.

What can you tell me to trouble shoot this matter?


Add module to an exception in your framework Gantry 5.
Okay, thank you for the response and answer. But can you provide some more details and outline the steps of how to create the "exception" and where it would be placed in the Gantry 5 framework? I don't know if what you call "exception" also means Mod. But still it would be helpful if you would describe how this is handled for JUNewsUltra Pro. My template is Antares if that is helpful to know.

Please update to new version and testing with Gantry.

Install free template with Gantry and module work!