junews ultra 0 - Could not find template "isis".

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junews ultra 0 - Could not find template "isis".

Повідомлення Sounds » 06 вересня 2014, 04:36


Really like your module.

Have one or two small issues,

When I click on the edit selected template option in template parameters I get this error popup
junews ultra0 - Could not find template "isis". But I have this template installed.

Also I have the module displaying on the front page
But it seems to be pushing every block to the right side,
I have 3 blocks displayed horizontally in the first row,
But in the second row, the 3 blocks are pushed more to the right, so one block goes under.
It does this with any theme I try, I put the same info in each block.
I added the same info to each block so they should all be the same.


Any idea how to fix that?

Thanks later

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