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JUMultithumbJUMultithumb Joomla 1.7

Дата добавлення:11/01/2011
Дата змін:11/01/2011
Розмір файлу:220.94 Кбайт

JUMultithumb - resize images on the fly for FrontPage, blog and articles (com_content) with their size.

What new? Add watermar to thumbnail images. Upload and delete watermark (big and small) from Back-End. Clear cache thumbnail images from Back-End.


  1. Cache thumbnail images;
  2. Automatically create a folder for the thumbnail images in the folder cache Joomla;
  3. Resize all images, or using certain css-class "juimage";
  4. Quality images;
  5. Pruning images by width and height;
  6. Overlay watermark;
  7. Link to an article in the image in FrontPage, and your blog;
  8. Use lightbox for images based on the library Shadowbox JS. Support the library on 23 languages. Selecting a skin for the lightbox window.
  9. Use lightbox for images based on the library Slimbox.
  10. and many-many more...

All new items, see the updates below!!!